NavShield General Info

What is it?

NavShield StartThe NavShield is an overnight event where teams of emergency services personnel attempt to navigate on foot, through wilderness terrain to pre-marked checkpoints over an area from 80 to 100 square kilometres. The NavShield is an opportunity for the best rescue navigation teams in Australia to train in unfamiliar terrain as a completely self-sufficient group.


Who can enter?

This event is open to rescue teams worldwide. Teams from around Australia represent the Armed Services, Police, Rural Fire Services, State Emergency Services, Volunteer Rescue Association and Ambulance. Teams from the Bushwalking NSW Clubs, Other Outdoor Groups, and Rogainers, are also welcome to participate. All groups must have current Public Liability Insurance before being able to undertake this event, and be willing to sign a risk waiver if required. All participants must be over the age of 18 years.



Every year the location moves and can be anywhere 2-3hrs drive from Sydney. To keep the playing field as fair as possible, the exact location isn't revealed until the Sunday before the event.



The 2017 NavShield will be held on the 24th & 25th June 2017.


Start and Finish Times

All teams start Saturday morning at 8.45am.  One Day teams must finish by 7.30pm Saturday.  Two Day teams must finish by 2.00pm Sunday afternoon.



The Navshield is run each year regardless of weather, so come prepared for any weather.


Course Bushrangers

"Bushrangers" will rove throughout the course to marshall the event and to provide quick assistance should the need arise.  They are in radio contact with base to summon additional assistance if required.






What do you bring?

Out on the course

Each team must be self-sufficient from the start of the event on Saturday morning until the finish on Sunday and until Saturday night for 1 day teams.

This means that the 2 day teams must carry:

  • sleeping bags
  • food
  • water
  • shelter
  • clothing for adverse conditions.

One day teams need not carry shelters or sleeping bags.

See the event rules for more details.

At Base Site

  • Toilet Paper - Portable toilets are provided.  Please bring additional personal toilet paper as supplies may run out and if possible use sanitising hand lotions to ensure personal hygiene.
  • Water - Each team should bring their potable water for use at base or be prepared to purify water.
  • Cups, plates and cutlery - if you have pre-ordered meals or intend to purchase food at the event.
  • Children:
    • Families with children are welcome at Navshield.
    • However, children must remain at base during the event, and
    • Children must remain under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian at all times.
  • Pets - It is requested that pets are not brought to the event or base site.


Event Timetable

Friday 6:00pm Team registration opens at base
  10:00pm Team registration closes
Saturday 6:45am Team registration re-opens
  8:20am Final briefing for all participants
  8:45am Control cards are issued and event commences
  7:30pm One day event concludes
  8:00pm Presentation of one day event awards
Sunday 2:00pm Two day event concludes
  3:00pm Presentation of two day event awards



Each year commemorative T-shirts, Polo Tops, Fleece Tops, Caps and Additional Maps can be ordered. See registration for details.


Contact for any queries

Steven Rutten