GNSS (GPS) for Remote Land SAR course


Organiser: Glenn Strkalj

An evening course of about 3 hours duration commencing at 1900 at BWRS HQ, Learmonth Street Rooty Hill.

Standardisation of GPS use within the squad is very important. Non-standardised GPS use at BWRS generates an extra workload for Commanders and NSW Police whilst also possibly resulting in loss of critical information to the search operation. Additionally, GPS units have been packed with many features which lead to confusion and false understanding. 

The course will cover basic theory of GPS operation and the practical use of BWRS GPS units in Remote Land Search and Rescue.

This will result in solid understanding of why and how to operate GPS units in accordance with BWRS GNSS standard operating procedures whilst also gaining a basic knowledge of how GPS works.

Both new and existing members should attend this course. Members that attended the GPS overview conducted by me last year are also encouraged to attend this course as the presentation format is now formalised with extra content. 

Please RSVP to the e-mail address below.


Glenn Strkalj

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